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The government has announced an increase in the minimum pay criterion for migrant workers, which is a significant development and underlines Australia’s commitment to luring and supporting talented migrants.

The minimum wage for immigrants with skilled visas will increase from $53,000 to $70,000 yearly as of July 1, 2023. This significant rise indicates how much the country values the contributions made by skilled immigrants and wants to guarantee that they are fairly compensated for their experience and credentials. Let’s analyze the consequences of this most recent news for migrant workers in Australia in more detail.

Understanding the Worth of Skilled Immigrants

Australia’s decision to increase the minimum wage criteria for skilled immigrants is evidence that the country values the contributions that these people have made. The experience, credentials, and cultural diversity that skilled migrants contribute to Australia’s workforce and society as a whole strengthen both. The higher income level not only guarantees that they are fairly compensated for their skills, but it also recognizes the significance of their contribution to Australia’s economic success.

Bringing in and Holding on to Skilled Professionals

Australia wants to entice and hold on to highly qualified professionals from all over the world, therefore it has raised the minimum income level. The nation’s appeal as a destination for skilled people looking for fresh possibilities and professional progress is increased by offering competitive remuneration. The increased pay not only reflects the value placed on their skills, but it also increases their general job happiness and motivation.

Increasing Productivity and Economic Growth

In Australia, skilled immigrants are a key factor in increasing productivity and economic growth. The government wants to make sure that these people are fairly compensated for their work, therefore it has increased their pay. The increase in compensation is anticipated to increase consumer spending, stimulate the property market, and encourage entrepreneurship, all of which will have a positive knock-on effect on the economy.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce

The pay raise for migrant employees serves as further evidence of Australia’s commitment to a varied and inclusive society. This choice acknowledges the need to dismantle obstacles and advance equitable chances for everyone, irrespective of where they were born. Australia sends a strong message that talent and credentials are the fundamental criteria for success, transcending ethnicity or background, by guaranteeing fair pay for qualified migrants.

A crucial step toward luring and keeping qualified workers from all over the world is the decision to raise the minimum pay barrier for migrant workers in Australia to $70,000 as of July 1, 2023, according to SBS News. This action demonstrates Australia’s dedication to upholding an inclusive and varied society and valuing the contributions and value of talented immigrants. This compensation boost would not only benefit individual migrant workers but also help Australia’s economy thrive and prosper as the country continues to value talent and experience.

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When pursuing a career in agriculture in Canada, Parrish & Heimbecker, one of the sector’s most illustrious and venerable names, is a fantastic place to start.

This is especially true for international candidates who are thinking about settling down in the stunning Great White North.

This organization, which has a more than a century-long history, provides a wealth of chances for knowledgeable people, fostering both their own development and the advancement of the agriculture industry.

How to Use the Careers Page:

The Parrish & Heimbecker (P&H) website’s Careers page welcomes visitors with a simple, informative structure that is both easy to navigate and clear. It is consistent with the business’s simple, effective, and customer-focused approach.

Numerous Possibilities:

The wide range of job options offered is the P&H Careers page’s most appealing feature. The job posts are divided into clearly defined categories, including agriculture business, grain, flour milling, and food, as well as trade and logistics.

Job searchers can more easily customise their search depending on their interests and skill sets thanks to these categories.

The job listings themselves are thorough, explaining the essential duties, prerequisites, and benefits, giving applicants a good idea of what to anticipate.

Additionally, P&H has a wide range of positions available across Canada, so your chances of finding one close to you or in your preferred region are very good.

Provincial Nomination and Express Entry:

An employment offer from P&H can be the key to a life in Canada for foreign applicants. It can help the candidate’s Express Entry (EE) profile and provides a platform for using talents and gaining experience in the Canadian workplace.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score in the EE immigration system is increased when a legitimate employment offer comes from a Canadian firm like P&H.

Even better, based on the job’s requirements and the province, it might even result in a provincial nomination, a much sought-after fast track to permanent residence in Canada.

a commitment to the professional development of employees

The P&H Careers page emphasizes the company’s commitment to establishing a stimulating and encouraging work environment in addition to the job listings.

The business makes investments in programs for ongoing learning and development to make sure that its staff advance and change with the market.

Additionally, P&H respects diversity and inclusion, which is an important factor to take into account, particularly for international prospects.

This dedication demonstrates their willingness to accept all cultures and viewpoints, which attracts candidates from all over the world to the company.

Final Reflections:

The Parrish & Heimbecker Careers page serves as a guide for all skilled workers searching for rewarding employment possibilities in Canada’s agriculture industry.

A persuasive case can be made for contemplating a career at P&H based on the variety of responsibilities, the assurance of an inclusive work environment, the opportunity to improve your Express Entry profile, and their dedication to employee growth.

Always remember that conducting your research is essential when looking for a career. Always do your homework on the position and the company, and if at all possible, get in touch with current or former workers.

P&H gives the impression of being a company that is strongly committed to its workers and the industry it serves, which makes them an intriguing proposition for any potential employee.

Jobs at Parish and Heimbecker

current job openings

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Canada has made a name for itself as a global talent hotspot, drawing in highly qualified individuals from all over the world. The Global Talent Stream (GTS) is one important project that has significantly contributed to this accomplishment.

The GTS, which was launched in 2017 as a component of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, intends to speed up the employment of creative and highly qualified individuals.

We will examine the Global Talent Stream’s categories in this blog article, paying particular attention to Categories A and B.

We’ll also go through the list of jobs that qualify under Category B and emphasize all the advantages that this stream has to offer.

Understanding the Global Talent Stream

To satisfy the pressing talent needs of Canadian employers, the Global Talent Stream is a two-category system. High-growth businesses that have been recommended to the GTS by one of the program’s designated partners are the focus of Category A.

Employers in Category B are those with special talent requirements for the jobs defined by the government.

Both categories have accelerated processing timelines, enabling Canadian businesses to quickly hire foreign talent to cover crucial skill gaps.

Category A: High-Growth Companies

The Global skills Stream’s Category A is intended for high-growth businesses with a clear demand for distinctive, specialized skills.

These businesses, which include venture capital firms, startup accelerators, and incubators accredited by the Canadian government, have been recommended by one of the GTS’s certified partners. By utilizing these alliances, Category A seeks to find businesses with extraordinary development potential and give them quick access to the best global talent.

Category B: Occupations in Demand

The Global Talent Stream’s Category B focuses on in-demand professions that are essential to Canada’s economic development.

The Canadian government has classified certain professions that experience shortages in the domestic labor market under this heading.

Canada can close the talent gap and continue to be a competitive and innovative country by facilitating the quick entry of competent workers in these professions.

List of Eligible Occupations under Category B

An example list of professions that fall under Category B of the Global Talent Stream is shown below:

  • Computer Network Technicians
  • Database Analysts and Data Administrators
  • Software Engineers and Designers
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
  • University Professors and Lecturers (in specific fields)
  • Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
  • Graphic Designers and Illustrators
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Architects and Landscape Architects

This is not an exhaustive list, as the Canadian government regularly updates the list based on evolving labor market demands. Prospective applicants should consult the official government sources for the most up-to-date information regarding eligible occupations under Category B.

Benefits of the Global Talent Stream

Expedited processing timeframes are available through the Global Talent Stream, with applications typically being handled in two weeks. This faster schedule enables Canadian firms to swiftly snag top talent and immediately solve urgent skill shortages.

Exemptions from Work Permit Requirements for Temporary Employment: According to the GTS, foreign employees entering Canada on temporary employment (30 days or less throughout a calendar year) are not required to get a work permit. This flexibility eases employers’ administrative obligations and promotes smooth, effective corporate operations.

Dedicated Service Channel: To ensure individualized help and direction during the application process, the GTS offers a dedicated service channel for Canadian employers. Employers can get help navigating complicated immigration procedures from the Global Talent Stream team, promoting a seamless and simplified experience.

Mobility for Highly talented professionals: Highly talented professionals admitted to Canada through the Global Talent Stream have the chance to advance their careers and earn important work experience. The Canadian government also provides avenues for qualified foreign employees to go from temporary residency to permanent residence, ensuring a secure and long-term future in the nation.


A crucial program that helps Canadian firms swiftly and successfully hire outstanding talent is the Global Talent Stream. This stream acts as a catalyst for economic growth, innovation, and competitiveness, with Category A focused on high-growth businesses and Category B concentrating on in-demand professions.

The list of professions that qualify under Category B demonstrates the wide spectrum of professionals that Canada is looking to draw. The Global Talent Stream offers a number of advantages that qualified professionals all over the world find appealing, including accelerated processing timeframes, work permit exemptions, dedicated service channels, and avenues to permanent residency.

The Global Talent Stream offers access to rewarding professional opportunities in one of the most hospitable and developed nations in the world as Canada continues to cultivate an atmosphere that welcomes international talent.

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Government of Lithuania: Relocation Support for Non-EU Residents; No Work Permit Required; Move with Family



Lithuania, a picturesque Baltic nation tucked away in Northern Europe, has grown in popularity as a desirable location for people looking for fresh work opportunities and a good standard of living. The Lithuanian government has launched a comprehensive relocation support program with a hefty financial incentive of 3,444 euros in an effort to draw non-EU citizens. We will examine the specifics of this program, look at the three relocation options, and emphasize the many advantages of residing in Lithuania in this blog article.


Highly Skilled Individuals:

The first pathway is intended for highly qualified professionals with outstanding training and experience in disciplines including technology, engineering, medicine, and research. These people are eligible for the relocation assistance if they have a work offer from a Lithuanian firm or a corresponding degree. This technique not only makes moving easier, but it also provides a clear path to starting a prosperous career in one of Lithuania’s flourishing industries.

Entrepreneurs with new ideas and startup founders:

For prospective entrepreneurs and innovators, Lithuania is the ideal location because to its vibrant startup ecosystem. The second route invites people from outside the EU to start their own businesses in Lithuania or to work for already established, cutting-edge companies. Candidates who qualify can take advantage of the relocation assistance program as well as the welcoming business climate, funding options, and extensive professional network of the nation.

Business executives and investors:

The third track is intended for people who have substantial investment resources or who occupy management roles in reputable businesses. The relocation help program is available to non-EU nationals who make significant financial contributions to Lithuania’s economy or hold important managerial positions. This route not only makes moving easier, but it also provides access to the European Union market, favorable tax laws, and economic opportunities.


Activated and Secure Environment:

The pleasant and secure atmosphere that Lithuania offers makes it a great place to raise a family. A high level of life is a result of the nation’s low crime rate, effective healthcare system, and top-notch educational institutions. Furthermore, Lithuania offers a harmonious fusion of nature with cutting-edge infrastructure, giving its citizens a balanced way of life.

Vibrant labor market

The economy of Lithuania has been gradually expanding, providing plenty of job possibilities in numerous industries. The nation attracts both international corporations and startups due to its emphasis on innovation and technology, offering a variety of career choices. The relocation support program fosters professional advancement in addition to helping non-EU citizens find employment.

Cultural Diversity and Dynamic Lifestyle:

Lithuania is a wonderful country to tour because of its colorful festivals, rich cultural history, and historical sites. Lithuania has many attractions for visitors to enjoy, from the lovely capital city of Vilnius to the picturesque seaside towns. The country’s contemporary infrastructure, low cost of living, and well-connected transportation network all contribute to its high standard of living.

Getting into the European Union

Non-EU people can benefit from living in a member state of the European Union by moving to Lithuania. This creates possibilities for easy travel among the 26 European nations that make up the Schengen Area. Residents can travel to nearby nations, encounter various cultures, and profit from being a member of the European Union.


Non-EU nationals who lack a skill may also be able to relocate to Lithuania with their families. While the aforementioned routes mainly target highly skilled professionals, startup founders, and investors, Lithuania also accepts unskilled applicants who are interested in moving there to either receive a job offer while they are still in their home country or apply for a Schengen visa to Lithuania and then search for a job. Additionally, Lithuania provides possibilities for family reunification and residence permits because it values family unity.

Family reunification may be available to non-EU nationals who are unskilled but have family members who are already resident in Lithuania. This procedure enables family members to join their loved ones who are already residing and working in Lithuania, such as spouses, children, parents, or dependant relatives. Families can live together and profit from living in Lithuania with the help of family reunification permits.

Additionally, non-EU nationals may look into alternative visa possibilities, such student visas or long-term residency permits, if they want to relocate to Lithuania for reasons other than employment. Students who are accepted into accredited educational institutions in Lithuania can apply for a student visa, which would allow them to reside and study there. For people who want to live in Lithuania for non-work-related reasons like retirement, business, or other reasons, long-term residency permits may also be available.

It is significant to remember that each form of visa or permission may have different eligibility criteria and application processes. It is advised to seek legal counsel or speak with the official Lithuanian migration authorities to learn more about the requirements and choices available to non-EU nationals who want to immigrate to Lithuania with their families but lack the necessary skills.


The government’s relocation assistance program in Lithuania offers non-EU citizens a fantastic opportunity to live and work in this thriving Baltic country. Lithuania provides a clear and convenient approach for anyone looking for new chances with its three distinct pathways aimed at highly trained professionals, startup founders, and investors/business managers. With its many advantages, such as a secure environment and a booming job market, etc.

Lithuania prioritizes maintaining strong family ties and works to make it possible for non-EU nationals to settle down and start new lives with their families there.

The resources provided below will help you navigate the official website and submit your application.

Official website

Migration of Non-EU Citizens

List of Shortage Professions

List of Jobs in Short Availability

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