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I nearly committed suicide due to the criticism surrounding my “fake sex tape” but Shatta Wale saved me-Fella Makafui



Actress Fella Precious Makafui recently shared how fellow Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale supported her during a trying period in her career amid rumors of sex tapes.

Fella revealed that she had been embroiled in a sex tape issue that almost caused her to commit suicide during an interview with AJ Sarpong on #3FMDrive.

“A few of years ago, I truly broke down, and I almost killed myself. individuals who don’t explain themselves are individuals you know. When these things appear online and I feel like I don’t explain myself, it tends to annoy me because I am a very free-spirited person, I detest holding grudges, and I want to always have a clear mind since that is what makes me so creative. That was how I was feeling at one point, she said.

The Yolo actress claims that when her manager called to confirm the authenticity of the tape, she was initially devastated by the scandal. However, Shatta Wale was quick to assert that matter by sharing a link of the video that proved she wasn’t the victim, and it greatly assisted her in regaining her confidence and moving forward.

“My boss called and said, ‘Pretty,’ I know you can’t do this, but is there a recording somewhere of you and me saying something? The mother of one stated, “There was no tape to show, but the information was out there, so I told myself I don’t think I can take it anymore. I was rescued from the scandal by Shatta Wale. Shatta called me at 11 and said, “mummy, mummy forget forget and shared the link with me, so when I watched it the girl had a tattoo on her back and I don’t have one.” The girl had the same faces as me, and I was crying when I went home.

Shatta Wale and her spouse, Medikal, are featured in Fella Makafui’s new TV series, which is launching today. Fella Makafui claimed that without the dancehall king’s assistance, things might not have turned out well.

“I would have killed myself if Shatta hadn’t emailed the link. If you recall, he attacked others on social media before sharing the link to show that I wasn’t the victim, she said.

The actress and businesswoman’s discussion shined light on the significance of self-care and mental health in the entertainment industry. Even the most resilient people can succumb to the demands of celebrity and the ongoing scrutiny of the public.

Since then, she continued, “I’ve vowed never to pay attention to people online because they don’t know me and aren’t qualified to judge, so I’m not going to let them tell me what to do or what not to do.”

Remember how in 2018, when the YOLO actress was at the height of her fame, her sex tape was allegedly released on social media?
On social media, a sex tape allegedly featuring the actress and her ex-boyfriend started to go viral. Many people immediately compared the woman in the video to the actress.

Fella Makafui and her managers, however, angrily refuted the video, implying that it was an intentional ruse to humiliate her and alienate her supporters. After the tattoo was not discovered on her back as she had previously claimed, she was eventually cleared.

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I went through depression that nearly took my life – Evang. Amy Newman



Evangelist Amy Newman, a well-known gospel performer, has disclosed that she had despair that almost claimed her life.

The singer of the hit song “Okamafo Jesus” claimed in an interview with Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson, the host of Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show, that she was only experiencing death during that time.

She adds that she had to experience spiritual deliverance before being saved.

“Four years ago, I traveled quite a bit; that was my relaxation. I suffered from depression during those four years and only saw death. If I locked myself in the room, the only thought on my mind would be to die, she said.

A new song called “Makoma Ahye Ma” was released by evangelist Amy Newman.

Amy claims that after she overcame her despair, the new track’s release was precipitated.

“I wrote this song, Makoma Ahye Ma, in 2009, but after going through a depressive episode, I chose to release it as a way to express my gratitude to God.”

She continues by saying that the new song has been posted on all of her social media accounts, and she encourages everyone to go check it out.

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Camidoh features Vybz Kartel, Miss Lafamilia, and DJ Lara Fraser for new Summer anthem “Taxi Man”



A fantastic summer anthem called “Taxi Man” was released by Ghanaian afropop singer and songwriter Camidoh. Download and stream “Taxi Man” here:

“Taxi Man,” a song co-produced by Ghana’s Streetbeatz and the renowned UK producer Toddla T, also features verses from the legendary Jamaican dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, the UK’s rising star Miss LaFamilia, and the Grammy-winning DJ and producer DJ Lara Fraser. Each of these artists contributes their distinct and unmatched performance style to the song.

The Ghanaian BET Award candidate for Afropop’s distinctive R&B and afrobeats rhythms are what give “Taxi Man” its distinctive dancehall and afrobeats mix. The song is accompanied by a beautiful portrait-style music video created by Amane Akbaraly. The video, which was shot at the renowned Zap Studios in Camberwell, London, documents a day spent with DJ Lara Fraser, Camidoh, and Miss LaFamilia.

With nominations for the BET Awards, AFRIMA, and The Headies, as well as praise for his debut project L.I.T.A., Camidoh has been on the rise. He made his debut on the Ghanaian music scene in 2018 after signing with the independent label Grind Don’t Stop (GDS) and releasing his debut track, “For My Lover.” The single and its remix generated excitement about him as the next big thing, which led to the release of his debut effort, the six-track EP known as Contigency Plan (CP), to rapturous reviews.

The viral smash tune “Sugarcane,” which Camidoh debuted in December, was his big break, though. When the chart-topping “Sugarcane” remix with King Promise, Mayorkun, and Darkoo was released in April 2022, it propelled Camidoh to stardom and made him one of the most sought-after African artists of the year. To further broaden his appeal throughout Africa and beyond, he released the mini album “Sugarcane EP” and the notable singles “Kaba” and “Slow” after the big single.

Early this year, he joined the exclusive Golden Club of Boomplay, Africa’s largest music streaming and download service, after becoming the second Ghanaian artist to attain and surpass the milestone of 100 million streams.

Taxi Man [Visualizer] by Camidoh, Vybz Kartel, Miss Lafamilia, and Dj Lara Fraser

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I’m glad that everyone is picking up my book. After the release of her book, Yvonne Nelson talks for the first time.



Yvonne Nelson, an actress and novelist from Ghana, has expressed her happiness over the positive reception to her memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.”

Yvonne Nelson highlighted in an exclusive interview with Giovani Caleb on 3FM that the demand for her novel has outstripped expectations and caused a lack of accessible copies during her book signing event at Silverbird Cinemas.

Since there aren’t enough books available right now, I’m glad Ghana is reading. I’m glad that everyone is reading, she said.

When questioned about the possibility of making a film version of her novel, Yvonne Nelson said she did not see herself taking on the position of producer for the endeavor.

“I don’t think I’ll be the one to produce it, but I feel great that people are reading,” she said, gesturing to the audience.

She didn’t give specifics, but her response hints that there may be plans or negotiations for a movie version.

Her tense relationship with her mother and the unanswered concerns about her father’s identity are two major themes in Yvonne Nelson’s memoir; nevertheless, she refuses to comment on how her mother reacted to the book and the disclosures in it.

She replied, “I think she’s reading it too, and I think everyone else is reading, so it’s good.

On Apple’s Memoirs and Biographies list, “I am Not Yvonne Nelson,” which explores her personal journey and illuminates the truths of the celebrity world, is presently in the top spot.

Yvonne Nelson also expressed her happiness at the book’s popularity, saying, “We are number 1 on Apple Memoirs and Biographies so it’s good, I’ve got people reading and that’s good.”

Plans to refill “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson” have been made in reaction to the book’s resounding success.

Yvonne Nelson stressed her dedication to enabling universal access to her memoir by revealing that extra copies will be made available at the University of Ghana bookstore.

“By Friday we are going to get more and send them to the University of Ghana bookstore, I gave them copies and it got finished in thirteen minutes, all over Ghana we’ll make sure we supply to all the bookstores,” said Yvonne to Giovani Caleb.

The ‘Princess Tyra’ actress hasn’t discussed her memoir since it was published on Sunday, but she chose not to mention the subjects and people she mentioned in the compelling book.

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