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Ghana Mine Workers’ Union gives Sunon-Asogli 24-hr ultimatum to reinstate sacked workers



The management of Sunon-Asogli Power Limited is being urged by the Ghana Mine Workers’ Union to immediately reinstate the more than 70 employees who were fired for joining the union.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) will be unleashed on the Business through a large demonstration if management does not heed this request, according to the Union.

General Secretary of the Union Abdul Moomin Gbana stated that a petition for intervention has been forwarded to the National Labour Commission (NLC) and the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations during a news conference on Thursday, March 2 in Accra.

“When you affect one, you affect all, we are genuinely going to announce the whole might of the labor movement. Any harm to one causes harm to all. This relates to Ghanaian workers, and the violation of their fundamental rights in Sunon-Asogli affects all Ghanaian workers.

“The Mine Workers Union won’t be fighting in this. The entire labor movement will engage in combat.

Mr. Gbana went on to say that the NLC has determined that the fired workers were on the right track in unionizing, just like the employees of the Volta River Authority and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) (VRA).

“We don’t understand why every private energy generator in the Kpone enclave belongs to a union. We fail to understand why Sunon-Asogli ought to be an exception.

The Commission has scheduled a meeting with the parties for Wednesday, March 8.

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Medical lab professionals issue a May 15 deadline and strike threat to the government



After receiving complaints from its members on the lack of service conditions, the Medical Laboratory Professional Workers Union (MELPWU) has hinted at a statewide strike.

They contend that because they have been working without conditions of employment for so long, it is past time that the government, who is also their employer, ratified their terms of employment.

They gave notice that they would “advise themselves” if the government did not address their issues by Monday, May 15.

“Government, that is the President, should give attention to our request to grant us a condition of service,” General Secretary Cephas Kofi Akortor said to Media General’s Tanko Mohammed Rabiu during the 2023 May Day celebration in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region.

“Having a condition of service is a fundamental or primary requirement for an employee.”

MELPWU had released a statement prior to speaking on Monday, May 1 at the grounds, expressing its enthusiasm to take part in the celebration for the first time as a union.

The statement read, “We consider our participation in the event as a milestone in our battle to ensure the best welfare for our teaming members in the field of medical laboratories.

It expressed dissatisfaction with what it perceived as the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission’s (FWSC) lack of interest in members’ requests for negotiations regarding their working conditions.

The Union has formally notified the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission to the National Labour Commission for the necessary measures in light of the lack of response.

We will continue to use the established channels, but as a union that represents the worries and mounting annoyances of medical laboratory workers, we seem to be out of time and may soon give ourselves some advice.

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If I’m elected president, I’ll start significant changes at the Bank of Ghana, Mahama



Restoring economic stability and inclusive growth would be the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) primary priority when it seeks to create a new government in 2025, according to former president John Dramani Mahama.

He claimed that in order to relieve Ghanaians of their suffering, they will accomplish this by putting the various indicators under control.

“By eliminating waste and ostentation, which have grown typical under this administration, we will severely impose prudence and responsibility in the handling of public finances. We will construct the Ghana we see as a team. We’ll start sweeping Bank of Ghana reforms and rebuild trust in our nearly bankrupt banking sector.

The industries of banking, finance, telecommunications, mining, agriculture, agribusiness, and manufacturing will all actively seek policies to ensure strong local participation. This will be based on our strategy to expand the economy and provide our youth with stable jobs, Mr. Mahama stated at the beginning of his campaign to run for the NDC’s flagbearer position on Thursday, March 2.

He said, “We will invest in the economy’s productive areas including agriculture, manufacturing, technology, digitilization, and tourism to promote growth and create jobs for the throngs of young people who are losing hope daily.

“A future NDC Government will give priority to continuing and completing abandoned and ongoing projects rather than rushing to launch new ones, given the limited fiscal headroom we are likely to inherit due to the mishandling of the economy under NPP. Under our fourth republic, I will put together and run the smallest but most effective government. We’ll drastically cut back on the size of the government.

“I will form a government of no more than sixty (60) ministers and deputy ministers of state, as I stated in my Ghana We Want address at UPSA late last year. The most extensive constitutional, political, and governance reforms under the fourth republic will be started and carried out by me in an effort to improve and restore public confidence in our democratic and governmental processes.

I will propose and carry out the most extensive constitutional, political, and governance reforms in an effort to restore faith in our democracy in response to the worries and demands from many of you.

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Gov’t withdraws MTN Ghana tax bill



The GH¢8.2 billion tax liability imposed on MTN Ghana by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has been withdrawn, the telecommunication company has said.

DEK360 ghana also gathers the earlier assessment made was based on wrong data, leading to wrong conclusion by the state’s tax collecting body.

The audit, which was said to cover the period 2014 to 2018, inferred that MTN Ghana had under-declared its revenue by 30 percent.

“Shareholders are advised that following extensive and productive discussions held during this 21-day period between MTN Ghana, MTN and relevant authorities in Ghana, the GRA has on 03 February 2023 fully withdrawn the Assessment,” MTN Ghana’s mother company said in a statement on Friday, February 3.

“MTN would like to further assure Shareholders and other stakeholders of MTN Ghana’s commitment to the highest standards of tax compliance and responsible corporate citizenship.

“MTN and MTN Ghana would like to thank all stakeholders involved for the support and collaboration to arrive at this amicable and mutually satisfactory full withdrawal of the Assessment.”

The company, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, assured that “it remains confident in the economy of Ghana as well as its future prospects and maintains its planned investment and developmental initiatives over the medium-term to drive digital and financial inclusion”

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